What is Project ART.Reef ?

It is an ambitious research project, about the creation of artificials reefs from underwater sculptures. The aim of the project is to look into the possibility of using such reefs for Ecosystem Management plans and the restoration of the marine environment, but at the same time, as an exciting diving attraction too.

The detail of the certain project, is that the sculptures will follow the mythological lore of Jason and the legendary Argonauts. The concept is, when someone dives at the reef, to have the feeling that this is, literally, a dive into mythology.

Photo by Talia Cohen / unsplash.com


World's first Crowdfunded

Although Project ART.Reef is not the first underwater attraction with sculptures, it is going to be the World's First Crowdfunded artificial reef.

Furthermore, it will be world's first research spot where the "diving footprint" will be studied and quantified. The aim of this research project is to find the balance between Marine Environmental Management and recreational diving, so that the reef can be used in a sustainable manner

Image: Amphitrite statue off Grand Cayman | © Justin Lewis / Getty Images

Why Crowdfunding?

What is great about Crowdfunding is that it gives the feeling of being involved in something big, no matter how small the part. Even the smallest of contributions can make a difference and we want divers and non-divers alike, to all have this achievement feeling. After all, being part of the "World's First Crowdfunded Artificial Reef" is something you can be proud of!

Photo by Amy Humphries / unsplash.com

Meet the team

Vafidis Dimitris

Prof. Dimitris Vafidis

Project Manager - Scientfic Coordinator

Lolas Alexios

Dr. Alexios Lolas

Coordinator - Field Research Manager